If you feel like you could use help to launch a new project or navigate your career and skills in the field of digital marketing, I, as a mentor, could be your answer. Book a session with me on MentorCruise!

I'm mentoring on digital marketing

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Mastering craft and skills in a quickly evolving digital-tech environment it’s tricky. Especially for those who don’t feel secure in that field, are new to it, or want to navigate in not-explored directions. Without a doubt growing towards new goals with an online mentor by your side can give a feeling of reassurance and efficiently boost the process. That’s why I’ve decided to join MentorCruise.com, become a mentor, and share my knowledge and 10+ years of experience to help others to:

  • navigate their career in the digital business & marketing world,
  • gain new technical, and analytical skills & feel more comfortable exploring new areas in digital marketing,
  • guide in creating and implementing any marketing project & strategy,
  • find answers for their business objectives.

My mentorship programs include: 

  • Up to 2 calls/month in Lite Plan or 4 calls/month in Standard Plan
  • Unlimited Q&A via chat – expect responses in 24 hours or less
  • Tasks & exercises
  • Flat fee, no hidden costs
  • 7 days trial, cancel anytime!

All of the above for a flat fee and with no hidden costs. I’m also up to preparing customized programs so feel free to reach out to me, tell me about your goals and I would arrange a personalized option for you.

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