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My name is Agnieszka Wojtkun and I am a data-driven digital marketing consultant and mentor with hands-on experience in marketing analytics, marketing automation, e-mail marketing & e-commerce. I’ve grown businesses in the digital space for 10+ years and I’ve gained experience working in an advertising agency and through long-term cooperation on projects for brands such as Kondrat Wina Wybrane, Toyota, Toyota Bank, and Unity Line. I enjoy doing things that people usually don’t like to do in marketing: I look at metrics, CRM data, budgets, and sales results, combine them with analytics tools, psychological knowledge, and business acumen, and provide marketing proposals. Comprehensive insights and well-thought strategies that have a significant impact on businesses and are followed up with analysis are my trademarks. I’m convinced that this approach can be applied to any business kind – whether you run well-recognized e-commerce or are just starting to promote your self-brand, products, or services. 

I offer consulting sessions, complex marketing analysis, custom project management, mentorship programs, and couple more services. Let me know how can I help you!



In a 45-60 min one-on-one session, we will discuss your most urgent marketing needs and goals. No matter if it's an upcoming seasonal campaign or a decision process of choosing marketing software suitable for your business size and in a balanced value for money, I'll provide you answers from a professional perspective. Contact me in advance via e-mail and provide all necessary information or schedule session right away - find a "Book a meeting" button on the website's bottom right corner.


In a complex audit I'll evaluate your former marketing strategy, operational campaigns, and their effectiveness. I'll gather data and statistics from various sources, take into account customer insights and your target audience, calculate measurable results and look up close at trends. The goal is to analyze your digital strategy strengths and weaknesses, find marketing expansion opportunities as well as set up new business growth directions. We'll cover short- and long-term business objectives with a reasonable resource allocation.


Do you feel what your business needs is hard to define in standard services and solutions? Do you need someone who is a strategist as well as able to implement digital projects on an operational level? Someone who will manage the work of a cross-functional team and translate business objectives into project requirements. Let's figure out together what is most suitable for your goals and how can I address your needs as a marketing analytics and marketing automation professional with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing project management.


Let's work towards your career goals! If you want to feel more comfortable in exploring new areas in the digital marketing world, my assistance as a mentor is your solution. During mentorship program, I'll help you navigate your career in marketing and I'll guide you in gaining new skills - both technical and analytical as well as managing your stakeholders. You can choose between Standard Plan with (4 calls/month) and Lite Plan (2 calls/month).


How to write selling e-mails? How to maintain your database? How to create the best fitting e-mail strategy for your clients? And how to decrease your e-commerce cart abandonment rate and how effectively could you use RFM analysis? If you need answers for those topics, I would explain them in the created & customized for your company's needs workshops.


I implement automation of marketing processes with the use of marketing automation systems such as SalesManago or Act-on. Your recipients will receive messages matching for them to increase the effectiveness of sent emails and guide them through the next stages of the sales funnel.


Email marketing is one of the most effective and, at the same time, one of the cheapest forms of advertising in the digital space. With its help, I will conduct effective sales campaigns for your company, I will strengthen the image of your brand and cultivate loyalty and relationships with your recipients.

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