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Hi there! I'm Agnieszka Wojtkun, a marketing consultant and business mentor who specializes in creating data-driven strategies. I work with companies to increase their revenue potential. My services are focused on maximizing business results and growth through CRM & marketing automation strategies, customer retention & segmentation, e-mail marketing and MarTech implementations. By analyzing CRM data & sales results and combining these insights with business KPIs, web metrics & MarTech tools, I create top-tier marketing proposals that give a fresh strategy boost 🚀 

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In a 45-60 min one-on-one session, we will discuss your most urgent marketing needs and goals. No matter if it's an upcoming seasonal campaign, optimizing omnichannel strategy, or a decision process of choosing marketing automation software suitable for your business size, I'll provide you with answers from a professional perspective. Contact me in advance via e-mail and provide all necessary information or schedule a free 15-min briefing session to introduce me to what's on your plate right now.


Do you struggle with maximizing the potential of your customer database? Segmentation & marketing automation workflows don't address your business needs properly? Creating and running a revenue-effective CRM game plan is my trademark. Salesforce, HubSpot, Braze, Klaviyo... You name the software you use or want to use, and I'll craft and optimize a relevant to your business size and KPI's-boosting wholesome CRM strategy.


There's no cheaper marketing channel than e-mail marketing. I've been working with e-mail marketing communication since 2011 and I still claim that it's one of the most efficient channels any company should combine in their marketing-mix strategy. With its help, I will run effective retention campaigns for your business, I will strengthen the image of your brand, maintain loyalty and marketing lifecycle for your existing clients, and I'll convert new prospects into buying customers. My favorite e-mail marketing KPI? Unsubscribe Rate. Ask me why.


If you're up with a challenge with your current business project or your professional career, would like to gain more skills demanded in the digital world, and you feel like the assistance of someone with bigger expertise could be the best way to navigate through it, I'm your guide. My mentorship program includes: ✔ Up to 4 calls/month, ✔ Unlimited Q&A via chat - expect responses in 24 hours or less, ✔ Work reviews, ✔ Provided learning resources.


In a complex audit I'll evaluate your former marketing strategy, operational campaigns, and their effectiveness. I'll gather data and statistics from various sources, take into an account customer insights and your target audience, calculate measurable results and look up close at trends. The goal is to analyze your digital strategy strengths and weaknesses, find marketing growth opportunities as well as set up new business growth directions. We'll cover short- and long-term business objectives with a reasonable resource allocation.


Do you feel what your business needs is hard to define in standard services and solutions? Do you need someone who is a strategist as well as able to implement digital projects on an operational level? Someone who will manage the work of a cross-functional team and translate business objectives into project requirements. Let's figure out together what is most suitable for your goals and how can I address your needs as a marketing analytics and marketing automation professional with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing project management.

I can help you with

Crafting & implementing a CRM strategy relevant to your business needs and combined with the right MarTech tools.
Business Growth
Reframing marketing KPIs & finding the right metrics to focus on in order to drive business growth.
Customer retention & segmentation
Maximizing CLV/LTV by maintaining a retention-focused segmentation & customer lifecycle.
Data-based insights
Diving deep into customer & marketing data, and finding data-driven reassurance for your strategic decisions.
E-mail & marketing automation
Running and optimizing your e-mail marketing drips & marketing automation funnels.
Marketing channel mix
Setting marketing channel mix targeting perfectly a customer's journey & designed for an effective ROI.

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Over the 12 years of my career, I have gained extensive knowledge & hands-on experience by working at a loyalty agency, a DTC e-commerce/omnichannel company, and on various projects for clients in retail, e-commerce, automotive, financial, FMCG, and digital branches. Each project has taught me that having a thorough understanding of customers & the collected data is crucial to make sound business decisions. As well as it is essential to develop solutions that are relevant to a company's technological resources. As your consultant who has such wide business acumen, I'll provide you with solid recommendations based on complex insights & genuine understanding of your business needsand I'll ✨sprinkle✨ all of these with my naturally passionate and friendly attitude.

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