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About me

My name is Agnieszka Wojtkun and I am a data-driven digital marketing professional with sound knowledge of e-mail marketing, marketing automation & e-commerce. I've grown businesses in the digital space for 11 years already. I've gained my experience working in an advertising agency and through a long-term, exclusive close cooperation on projects for brands such as Kondrat Wina Wybrane, Toyota, Toyota Bank, Unity Line. I enjoy doing stuff that people usually don't like to do in marketing: I look at numbers, metrics, analytics tools, budgets, incomes, analyze & combine them with business & psychological knowledge, and make strategic conclusions. Well-planned strategies that have a significant impact on businesses and are followed by analysis are my blueprint. I'm convinced that this approach can be used whether you run well-recognized e-commerce or are just starting to promote your self-brand, products, or services on the Internet. 

Privately I am a beginner drummer, traveler, hobbyist landscape photographer, and plant mom. Constantly in love with my city, Szczecin.



I will evaluate the current position of your brand on the Internet. I will show you its strengths and weaknesses as well as strategic development directions, and which communication channels are worth spending your budget on, and what is your unnecessary cost. I will prepare a coherent action plan, select tools, and propose a way to measure their effectiveness.


Email marketing is one of the most effective and, at the same time, one of the cheapest forms of advertising in the digital space. With its help, I will conduct effective sales campaigns for your company, I will strengthen the image of your brand and cultivate loyalty and relationships with your recipients.


I implement automation of marketing processes with the use of marketing automation systems such as SalesManago or Act-on. Your recipients will receive messages matching for them to increase the effectiveness of sent emails and guide them through the next stages of the sales funnel.


How to write selling e-mails? How to maintain your database? How to create the best fitting e-mail strategy for your clients? And how to decrease your e-commerce cart abandonment rate and how effectively could you use RFM analysis? If you need answers for those topics, I would explain them in the created & customized for your company's needs workshops.


I create and advise on how to create reliable brand communication tailored to the target groups. I will suggest how to create engaging content, which channels to use to distribute it, how to convert it into website traffic and how to analyze its effects.

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Szczecin, Poland