A new option to book a consulting or mentoring session is available! Find me on Growth Mentor, book a call, and let’s discuss your business or career pain points and goals. 

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Growth Mentor is a new platform that I added to my consulting and mentoring services. What do I do there? As usual, I help people understand and navigate through things I enjoy doing in marketing: combining CRM data, web metrics, and sales results, auditing digital strategies, and providing marketing proposals.

I offer help in regard to

  • CRM strategies,
  • go-to-market strategies for startups/freshly build digital tools and products,
  • marketing career growth,
  • or even advice in a matter of marketing hiring needs.

I’m available for a 15-30-60 min session. Occasionally, I offer free 15-30 min calls so keep an eye on my profile and calendar availability!

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