Choosing CRM software

In the challenge of choosing the perfect CRM software, CMOs and CTOs need to map usually an unknown tool with current business, marketing, and tech objectives. Here are 7 fundamentals if anyone wants to avoid project failure, disappointing stakeholders, and budget waste for mismatched CRM. Have you ever bought running shoes? I did. A couple […]

People come to me and ask questions like in Whitney Houston’s song: “Agnieszka, how will I know? How will I know if my newsletter subscribers really love me?” And I reply to them: Your relationship with subscribers is as strong as low the Unsubscribe Rate is. Keep your eyes on it.  I always say that […]

A new option to book a consulting or mentoring session is available! Find me on Growth Mentor, book a call, and let’s discuss your business or career pain points and goals for FREE.  Growth Mentor is a new platform that I added to my consulting and mentoring services. What do I do there? As usual, I […]

Email marketing is underestimated

Not investing in email marketing is like not pursuing a woman who doesn’t show off as Instagram’s stars are doing so but yet she is a real treasure. You are completely unaware of what you are losing.

Marketing Automation's essence

Some people fail in understanding marketing’s automation essence and it’s not entirely their fault. If you want to prevent yourself from misinterpreting this profitable tool, keep reading.